Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Thought this picture was very fitting - we're keeping Chris's homecoming on the 'down-low' as we will be flying up to suprise his BFF next weekend in Minnesota. They look like they are sharing a secret, but I think Chloe had just got done rubbing her daddy's back. SSHHHH on Facebook!
I flew down to SLC Friday night, the flight was a 45 minute mid-air death trap! Actually it wasn't that bad until we hit turbulence and I saw the male flight attendant knock into the wall (Southwest is HILARIOUS at times when you fly if you get the right people and the flight attendants were hilarious!). Anyway ... when we hit the turbulence and he fell against the wall, I squealed and grabbed the guy's leg next to me! Thankfully I had pre-warned him that I am not a good flyer so he was prepared ...
SO many things I could go on about. What it comes down to is ... Chris is home on US soil. His daughter, Chloe and his parents were able to meet him at the gate. My heart hammered so much when I first saw him, then I stood away from him and his group of well wishers so I didn't intrude. So hard not to run up and give him a huge hug. I eventually met his folks (very nice!) and ... his daughter, Chloe. She is the sweetest thing ever. I hope one day Camille and Chloe meet, they will be like two peas in a pod! My nerves were shot from the anticipation of seeing Christopher again, meeting his folks, and most of all .. meeting his 10 year old daughter.
Spending time not only with Chris after so long apart, plus the added pleasure of meeting Chloe really made my weekend fantastic. We spent most of the day at .. Lagoon ... I am an expert at Lagoon now ... and rode most of the rides with her. Chris seemed very tired and I don't blame him ... long flight home and his body is turned upside down. Chloe held my hand a lot and gave lots of hugs. The best, and personally, the neatest thing is .. she has no idea that we are dating. I feel very, I can't explain it .. fortunate .. that I was able to meet his daughter. It means a lot to me and I know that he trusts me with her, so that in itself means the world to me.

Leaving Monday ... well, I'm still working on the emotions from it. We'll leave it at that for now. Will post more pics after I get to Minnesota so I don't feel like I'm giving away secrets!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Miniature golf ... Mounger-Style!

I spent an hour at a memorial service for a little 34 week fetal demise I helped deliver at work a few days ago. I got back, got the kids dressed, headed out to The Cheesecake Factory (to hell with eating good today!) and ate goooood food!
Then, we went off to play Mini Golf at Boondocks, ehr, Wahooz.
After teaching Jack how to hold his club, we were off. Jack still ended up holding it all goofy but smoked us all! He won by a landslide!!!! Then he beat his mommy at Air Hockey not only once, but TWICE!! Apparently I'm just that easy to beat.

Such a good time with them. Just wanted to spend quality time with them and remind myself just how special children are and how quickly life can change.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lagoon Trip!

I can't quite figure out how to format this so the pictures are evenly spaced with the texts .. it's a work in progress!!

I took the kids to Lagoon in Utah last weekend - my birthday is August 9th and Jack's is August 10th. I took Camille and Jack since Andrew is with my parents on the east coast on vacation. We had such a good time - the weather was gorgeous!!!
Jack was convinced that he wanted to go on a roller coaster, so after we went on the carousel, we hopped right over to that old wooden one .. Jack was all smiles, even though I kept reminding him it was a fast ride. He was so excited and smiling so much that I thought I'd get a video of him on his first ride ever!! You can see .. he is loving it right up until he realizes that we are going up an incline .. and then he realizes that we are not only going up, but also going up HIGH! Poor kid! Okay I have to admit every time I watch this, I about pee my pants laughing!! The good news is by the time we left the park at 8pm, he had requested to go on the roller coaster two more times.

Jack's favorite ride was the same as mine - the Twirl a Whirl. Camille voted for "The Spider". I have to say that hands down, the most death defying ride for me was the skyview one .. the nice, gentle ski-lift like one that takes you over the whole park?? It was sheer terror for me! Even though I love to snowboard, I absolutely hate ski lifts. (Shuddering thinking about it again!)

The kids then discovered the games and the 'free' prizes you win .. so after spending a fortune on games for them, we called it day, left, drove to the Olive Garden for Jack's birthday dinner, went swimming at the hotel, opened presents, and crashed hard.

Thank you Ainslee for being the best Weight Watcher Meal supplier in the west!